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Gaza Reels: Old Movies, New Voices

The Gaza Reels

In how many different ways is it possible to depict a problem that is more than sixty years old? Resistance to the Israeli occupation of Palestine has generated powerful, inventive and creative visual campaigns, and Gaza Reels by animator Anna Shevchenko, is one of the latest in a distinguished line-up.

Why We Like It

Graphic Design: Nadine Chahine's T-Shirt Designs

Save the Tree by Nadine Chahine

Nadine Chahine is a Lebanese graphic designer who created a series of designs for T-shirts that she shared freely via her blog during the 2006 Lebanon-Israel conflict.Her thought-provoking designs were intended for use by activists and civil society who wanted to raise awareness about the impact of the conflict with Israel. Chahine says in her blog: 'As a political tool, they achieved nothing, but then neither did the UN.

Curtains in the Breeze:Women of Allah by Shirin Neshat

Shirin Neshat

This blog has primarily featured the visualisations of information in advocacy campaigns but what about the work of artists that use different emotional and visual tactics to move and influence the way we think about an issue? The work of Iranian-American artist, Shirin Neshat is a good example of how this happens.

One Year Later: Join Us

Screen shot 2011-10-03 at 4.38.32 PM.png

It has been a year since we started this blog as a space to record and share examples of visualisations from (and about) the Arab region and around the world about women's rights. The blog was primarily intended to be a sort of curricular introduction for participants at our December workshop in Jordan, and then after that we've continued to share examples within this intriguing area of work.

Guest Blog: Farah Sater on the role of women in the Middle East Protests

Date: 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day on 8 March 2011

Location: Facebook

Event: Thousands of statuses praising for the first time the role of the Arab women not only as nurturing mothers, loving sisters or girlfriends, but in inspiring, organizing and leading the revolutions which have led to dethroning dictators in the Middle East and North Africa (Ben Ali and Mubarak) and are still expected to topple more monarchs and despots in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and to change the status quo in Lebanon and Palestine.

Machsom Watch: Documenting Checkpoints & Military Courts in Palestine & Israel

Machsom Watch Site

On a cold February morning in 2001, five pioneering Israeli women - Ronnee Jaeger, Adi Kuntsman, Yehudit Keshet, Yael Lavi-Jenner and Stephanie Black - arrived at Checkpoint 300 between Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Inspired by similar actions in Guatemala, Ronnee Jaeger encouraged this group of women, who saw themselves as subversive and radical, to challenge the Israeli military on it's own ground. The five women who started Machsom Watch had a clear agenda - to monitor the behaviour of the military, monitor (and protect) Palestinian Human Rights and bear witness to what was happening.

Infographic: Israel-Lebanon Death Toll


This is an info-graphic produced by an independent graphic designer showing the comparison in the scale of deaths of Israeli, Lebanese, UN and Canadian troops during the conflict between Hizballah's paramilitary foces and the Israel Defence Forces in July 2006. Since it's formation in the 1980s the militarized and political group, Hizballah, has been committed to resisting the Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon.

Infographic: A Year in Iraq

A Year in Iraq

Enlarge this image to see the full infographic. 

Mapping: Open Street Maps in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Detail of Open Street Map for Gaza

Open Street Maps is a global project that maps cities around the world through the collective efforts of everyday people. Most geographical data and maps are created from data that is protected by copyright legislation and is expensive to use. Open Street Maps is free and constantly being edited and updated by the efforts of volunteers around the world.

Illustration: Ninjabi Comics

Ninjabi Comic Strip

Ninjabi is a word made up by combining 'ninja' and 'hijabi'. Ninjabi is a comic-strip created by a group of four people who go by the aliases Amethyst, Diamond, Muskaan and Elysium. Ninjabi features a young woman called Noor and her group of friends living in the United States. Ninjabi subverts stereotypes about what it means to be a young woman who wears a hijab, a simple piece of cloth that has come to be much-maligned outside the Arab world.

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