VWR Participant Profile: Dima Alashram


Dima attended the Visualising Women's Rights workshop in order to gain exposure to new techniques she might use in the creation of a communications strategy for her organisation in Jordan, Ruwwad, The Arab Foundation for Sustainable Development. She has been working as the Communication and Evaluation officer there for the last 3 months; having recently graduated with a postgrad degree in Nonprofit Leadership and Community Development.

Mapping: Open Street Maps in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Detail of Open Street Map for Gaza

Open Street Maps is a global project that maps cities around the world through the collective efforts of everyday people. Most geographical data and maps are created from data that is protected by copyright legislation and is expensive to use. Open Street Maps is free and constantly being edited and updated by the efforts of volunteers around the world.



The bustling, colourful streets of Cairo are infamous for being unsafe for women. According to the Egyptian Centre for Women's Rights, street based sexual harassment has become part of women's everyday lives and conversations. ECWR found that 83% of Egyptian women and 93% of foreign women reported being harassed by men on the streets; 62% of men admitted to harassing women.

The blog: what, why, who?

This blog is about visualising information; it looks at how techniques like information design, mapping, animation and illustration can be used to express social and political issues and push for change. More specifically, we'll be blogging about the way that visual techniques are used, and could be used in the future, by women's rights advocates and NGOs in the Arab World to represent their information and to inform and mobilise others.

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