VWR Participant Profile: Farah Abdel Sater

Farah Abdel Sater

Farah Abdel Sater, now 24, became involved in civil society at the age of 16 when she started teaching French to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Since then she has volunteered for a number of NGOs and projects advocating for social change in Lebanon. In 2009, she founded the United Nations Youth Association of Lebanon (UNYA Leb) in Beirut where she is the president today.

What happened at the Visualising Women's Rights workshop?


“Inspiring”, “diverse”, “useful”, “new” “creative”, “fun”, “challenging” and “exciting” are some of the words used by participants of the Visualising Women's Rights in the Arab World (VWR) workshop, to describe their experience.

Infographic: Israel-Lebanon Death Toll


This is an info-graphic produced by an independent graphic designer showing the comparison in the scale of deaths of Israeli, Lebanese, UN and Canadian troops during the conflict between Hizballah's paramilitary foces and the Israel Defence Forces in July 2006. Since it's formation in the 1980s the militarized and political group, Hizballah, has been committed to resisting the Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon.

Infographic: A Year in Iraq

A Year in Iraq

Enlarge this image to see the full infographic. 

Photography: The Blank Noise Project

Blank noise image

The idea that the way a woman dresses invites sexual harassment or rape is a familiar one. It is used as a means to undermine survivors' allegations in court cases, in the media and by perpetrators themselves to justify their actions. The Blank Noise Project in India challenges these preconceptions, arguing that if this is really the case, then why do women in everyday, non-revealing clothing still have harassment stories to tell?

Photography: End Female Genital Mutilation

Amnesty International's campaign against Female Genital Mutilation

This is one of a series of three posters for Amnesty International's campaign against female genital mutilation (FGM). The three different posters, each showing a different coloured rose, with different stitching, show the variations of FGM across the world.

Infographic: Women's Attitudes to Domestic Violence

Gender Violence

This info-graphic was presented as a screen shot in the Global Health Magazine. The graphic depicts figures as high as 90% (Jordan) of women aged 15-49 responding in the affirmative when asked if a husband or partner is justified in hitting or beating his wife under certain circumstances. The information in the graph comes from the UNICEF's Child Info website: Monitoring the Situation of Women and Children.

Why We like it

Information Design: We the Women


To generate social dialogue on the ban against women driving in Saudi Arabia, Areej Khan, a Saudi artist and graphic designer living in the US, created this innovative sticker campaign.The project received news media attention in Saudi Arabia and in the US and created plenty of discussion online. "Most of the people participating on the Facebook page are against women driving," said Areej. "There’s back and forth and debate on the group. I had to be prepared that I can’t control what this is at the end. It’s about finding a solution as community, not what I think or am attached to."

Animation: Lift the Siege on Gaza

Lift the Seige on Gaza

As part of a larger campaign to demand that Israel lift the siege on Gaza, The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (B’Tselem) launched a short animated clip, “Lift the Siege on Gaza”. The animation, created by Alon Simone, challenged the effectiveness of this siege on the grounds that Israel's attempt to cripple Hamas is actually serving to enrich them.

Maya Zankoul's comics


Lebanese graphic designer and illustrator Maya Zhankoul refers to her blog, Amalgam, as “a place to release the tensions created by daily hassles, or simply to tell stories of my daily life through fast illustrations.” She illustrates her thoughts, reflections and experiences from her life, often communicating important social issues.

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