Guest Blog: Farah Sater on the role of women in the Middle East Protests

Date: 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day on 8 March 2011

Location: Facebook

Event: Thousands of statuses praising for the first time the role of the Arab women not only as nurturing mothers, loving sisters or girlfriends, but in inspiring, organizing and leading the revolutions which have led to dethroning dictators in the Middle East and North Africa (Ben Ali and Mubarak) and are still expected to topple more monarchs and despots in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and to change the status quo in Lebanon and Palestine.

Machsom Watch: Documenting Checkpoints & Military Courts in Palestine & Israel

Machsom Watch Site

On a cold February morning in 2001, five pioneering Israeli women - Ronnee Jaeger, Adi Kuntsman, Yehudit Keshet, Yael Lavi-Jenner and Stephanie Black - arrived at Checkpoint 300 between Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Inspired by similar actions in Guatemala, Ronnee Jaeger encouraged this group of women, who saw themselves as subversive and radical, to challenge the Israeli military on it's own ground. The five women who started Machsom Watch had a clear agenda - to monitor the behaviour of the military, monitor (and protect) Palestinian Human Rights and bear witness to what was happening.

Illustration: Ninjabi Comics

Ninjabi Comic Strip

Ninjabi is a word made up by combining 'ninja' and 'hijabi'. Ninjabi is a comic-strip created by a group of four people who go by the aliases Amethyst, Diamond, Muskaan and Elysium. Ninjabi features a young woman called Noor and her group of friends living in the United States. Ninjabi subverts stereotypes about what it means to be a young woman who wears a hijab, a simple piece of cloth that has come to be much-maligned outside the Arab world.

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