Animated films: Put Women's Equality Back on Track

Women's Equality in Canada

A coalition of women’s rights organisation in Canada called Women's Equality produced short animation films in a series called 'Put Equality Back on Track'. Women's organisations wanted to bring attention to the fact that Stephen Harper, the serving President elected in 2006, had not stuck to his promises to further women's rights. Canada is a signatory to UN conventions and charters on women's rights but have not followed through on it's commitments. A particularly pressing issue in Canada is women not receiving equal pay for equal work. Additionally, shortly after being elected, Harper rolled back government funding and support for child care across the country. Government funding for research and advocacy into women's rights issues, and on the status of women in Canada, was cut because the government announced that 'Canadian women had achieved equality with men.'

(three more videos on their website)

Why we like it: This series of animations follows a theme of 'putting equality back on track' featuring President Harper driving a train and suggesting that he has derailed efforts for women's equality and rights. Similarly, Harper is mocked through the use of subtle features that would be impossible in any other kind of standard documentary film. Animation opens up the potential for fantasy, subtlety, and for bizarre or unexpected visuals and special effects that present a different perspective on an issue. These animations also layer the storyline with hard information and facts about the lapses of the Harper government.The films have a strong message to voters to reconsider their choice for Harper in the next elections. A related video found on Youtube, with a similar theme, layers voters' positive views on Harper with specific data on how his government had faulted on it's committments to women's and children's rights. The use of the data presents a direct challenge to these positive voices, suggesting that they are not adequately informed. 

Category: Women's Rights Worldwide Visualisations

Year: 2006

Created by: The Ad-Hoc Coalition for Women's Equality and Human Rights / Women's Equality