Download the application form (word document)

We welcome participants working on women's rights issues from across the Arab world.

The event focuses on women's rights advocates working on issues of violence against women, the impact and role of women in political and violent conflict and women's participation and leadership in public life. More specific regional topics will include; honour crimes, rights of the girl child, migrant workers, citizenship and family law.

We also welcome those working with women's right advocates who are communications specialists, designers, artists, illustrators, or technologists working with mapping techniques or data. However, these applicants will have to demonstrate their commitment and experience working with women's rights issues.

We only currently have scholarships available for those working on issues related to women's rights in Palestine, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon. (see information on scholarships)


If you want to take part in this project, you should be:

  • Working on women's rights, particularly addressing violence against women, the impact of political conflict on women, and supporting women's participation in public and community life and have a track record of working on these issues. OR, be organisations working on design, filmmaking, animation, information design and visualisation with a demonstrated commitment and sensitivity to these issues. We are keen to include those who can share these skills and techniques with rights advocates and are committed to such projects going forward.
  • Working on issues of women in the Arab World. We have specific scholarships for participants from Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. So, for example, an organisation in Jordan campaigning for the rights of women in Gaza, or supporting refugees from Iraq would be eligible to apply for a scholarship. Priority will be given to applicants situated in the Arab world. If you are working in another country in the Arab world or regionally and would like to attend, we welcome you to apply for the event, but you will have to cover your own costs. (See more information about this below)
  • Committed to using visual advocacy tools and information-activism in their existing and new campaigns.
  • Willing to support at least one individual from their organisation to attend the workshop, and then have them become the focal person for the process over the six month period.
  • Willing to work with other women's rights organisations in the region, or in their own countries, to develop campaigns, depending on how many groups are selected across the region, and based on the similarity of campaign ideas.
  • Have an existing campaign to work on further between December 2010-and mid 2011 and a clear commitment to enabling implementation of ideas generated/skills gained at the workshop
  • Capable of working with local groups/individuals who will provide support in web hosting, design, graphics and multimedia, depending on what the campaign requires.

As organisations prepare their applications, they also need to identify one member of staff who will represent them and become the focal person for the process. This individual should:

  • Have a good working knowledge of English, although the workshop will be conducted in English with parts in Arabic. We are sorry that as this is a hands-on workshop and translation can not be provided.
  • Be comfortable using a PC or laptop, and be familiar with using the internet and popular media platforms like social networking sites (Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, etc), Google maps, YouTube, blogs etc. You don't need the technical skills to create content for these sites but we will expect you to have user level knowledge.
  • Attend the entire duration of the workshop in Jordan, and commit to taking the process forward within her organisation or projects. We can not accept any participants who can not stay for the entire duration of the workshop
  • Be involved in advocacy and campaign work in her organisation or as a committed individual.
  • Have at least two years' experience of working in any of the following areas: women's rights; addressing violence against women; women's participation and leadership.
  • Be at a programme manager or coordinator level with hands-on responsibilities and some decision-making in project implementation. This workshop will not be geared towards organisational directors, junior staff or interns. Those who lead advocacy work and are engaged in strategy, planning and implementation of initiatives should attend.
  • Look forward to dedicating themselves to the project and engaging in a fun and challenging experience!

We are also looking forward to receiving applications from independent digital activists, graphic designers, animators and filmmakers from the region who must have some NGO or campaigning experience and are committed to supporting NGOs to develop their campaigns.

We only have funding for people working in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq. If you are from/working in another country in the arab region and are able to cover your own costs (with a grant, training money or similar), you are welcome to apply.  


 1. Please fill in the application form where you'll have to share personal and organisational details, and your ideas for a campaign your organisation would like to work on

2. Get your organisation's director to sign off on your application to verify that both you and the organisation are interested in being a part of the project

3. Email your completed applications to 

Application forms only filled out in part will not be considered. This is a competitive process. Tactical Tech and their partners will be looking to choose applicants who have a demonstrable commitment to the issues identified in the project outline and the proven ability to implement what they learn at the event within a campaign in the following six month period.

Please note the deadline for submitting appications is the 14th October 2010


There are 35-40 places available for the workshop. 

The applications will be pooled and reviewed by an independent advisory group. The selection committee will consist of Tactical Tech staff, trainers and members of the advisory group.

Selected participants will be notified two weeks after their application deadline and will be sent more information about how to prepare and plan for the workshop.

The workshop will begin December 5th and run until December 8th, 2010.


We currently have full scholarships available for those who are working on issues related to women's rights issues in Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. Preference will be given to those who are actually situated in the Arab world too. So, for example, an organisation in Jordan campaigning for the rights of women in Gaza, or supporting refugees from Iraq would be eligible to apply for a scholarship.

What the scholarship covers:    

  • return travel (by air, or overland) from the home country to Jordan
  • meals and three nights accommodation at the Feynan Eco Lodge
  • tuition for the workshop

If you don't qualify for a scholarship 

If you are working in another country in the Arab world or regionally and would like to attend, we welcome you to apply for the event but you will have to cover your own costs.This includes your travel and visa which you will need to arrange yourself and a participation fee of 400 USD to cover three nights accommodation, meals and drinks, transportation from Amman to Feynan and back again, and tuition. We have 15 places available for people in this position. 

We know that NGOs are used to having costs of events covered, and we have tried where possible to work with donors to make some scholarships available, however these are relatively limited.

Here are some suggestions for how you can cover your costs:

  • Do you have a training budget for your organisation that you can use? 
  • Can you include this event in your campaign budget? 
  • Can you work with one of your existing funders, or a new local funder to cover your costs of participation? 
  • Do you know a funder who may be interested in supporting a few women's organisations from the region to attend? can Tactical Tech help with this in any way?

Download the application form (word document)