The blog: what, why, who?

This blog is about visualising information; it looks at how techniques like information design, mapping, animation and illustration can be used to express social and political issues and push for change. More specifically, we'll be blogging about the way that visual techniques are used, and could be used in the future, by women's rights advocates and NGOs in the Arab World to represent their information and to inform and mobilise others.

The blog forms a backdrop for “Visualising Women's Rights in the Arab World,” an initiative to strengthen the use of such visual techniques by women's rights advocates in the Arab world, and to build a network of women with these skills.

This project has a specific mandate to partner with women's rights advocates working on issues of violence against women, the impact and role of women in political and violent conflict and women's participation and leadership in public life - with a specific focus on Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon.

For this reason, we'll blog on four distinct areas of visualisation; finding out what is already out there, while also inspiring discussion and creating a foundation for future innovation and creativity. The four categories of focus are:

  1. The visualisation of women's rights and the representation of women in the Arab World
  2. How visualisation is used in the Arab World to show social and political issues
  3. The visualisation of conflict in the Arab World (from the region and externally)
  4. The visualisation of women's rights worldwide

Over the coming months we will be posting a lot of examples that fall into the above four categories, as well as some comment from advocates, designers, filmmakers and artists in the region.

We're well aware that we can't keep track of everything out there and we're always on the lookout for more examples, so if you know of any (on or offline) and you think they would fit please email us on and we'll try to include them in this collection.

Lastly you might want to know who is writing all of this if you haven't figured it out already?Members of Tactical Tech (you can read more about us in the About Tactical Tech page or go straight to our website).