Graphic Design: Nadine Chahine's T-Shirt Designs

Save the Tree by Nadine Chahine

Nadine Chahine is a Lebanese graphic designer who created a series of designs for T-shirts that she shared freely via her blog during the 2006 Lebanon-Israel conflict.Her thought-provoking designs were intended for use by activists and civil society who wanted to raise awareness about the impact of the conflict with Israel. Chahine says in her blog: 'As a political tool, they achieved nothing, but then neither did the UN. As a design expression, it helped me voice my own feelings at the time and I found that through these simple design exercises, healing could begin. The nightmare that Lebanon is going through is more than what one could easily describe in words.' Nadine's designs were re-printed on to t-shirts and worn by people around the world who were against the attacks on Lebanon.

Why we like it:Nadine's designs are both simple and powerful, telling multiple stories, and political and emotional expressions through a single image. For instance, the image captioned 'Save the Tree' (featured here) cleverly uses a globally resonant environmental theme - 'saving trees' - with the image of the Cedar tree that is emblematic of Lebanon and is featured on the country's flag. By combining the two, Chahine's design is a simple statement of Lebanon's plight during the 2006 conflict. The designs also have a local feel to them, drawing from the history of visual culture and graphic art in the Arab region, making them familiar to the local population. Moreover, the designs were free to download, share and put on t-shirt

Category: Visualisations about conflict in the Arab world.


Created by: Nadine Chahine.