Infographic: Israel-Lebanon Death Toll


This is an info-graphic produced by an independent graphic designer showing the comparison in the scale of deaths of Israeli, Lebanese, UN and Canadian troops during the conflict between Hizballah's paramilitary foces and the Israel Defence Forces in July 2006. Since it's formation in the 1980s the militarized and political group, Hizballah, has been committed to resisting the Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon. In this info-graphic, each person killed during the Israeli-Lebanon conflict is represented by a single coffin. The graphic was updated daily during the conflict to include additional numbers of people killed. The info-graphic is based on a simple count of statistics obtained from mainstream news media reports, and in particular the BBC.

Why we like it:

What is arresting about this graphic is that it presents a comparison in the scale of deaths on both sides of the conflict. It transforms a simple list of numbers into a graphic that reveals how severely the Lebanese population was affected as compared to others involved in the conflict, including UN and Canadian troops. Using the coffin as a symbol to represent the death toll is also sobering, challenging the common feeling of desensitization, or apathy, that is sometimes associated with numbers.

Category: Visualisations about conflict in the Arab world.

Year: 2006