Infographic: A Year in Iraq

A Year in Iraq

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Iraq has been a deadly battlezone for over seven years and particularly for people in the military and police. This infographic, first published in the New York Times, was compiled using data from the American and Iraqi governments and news media organisations (the Independent Coalition Casualty Count in particular). It reveals information on the type and location of each attack responsible for the 2,592 recorded deaths among American and other coalition troops, Iraqi security forces, and members of the Kurdish Peshmerga between 1 January and 31 December 2007.

Why we like it

This graphic takes a vast amount of data that would otherwise be quite difficult to sift through and make sense of, and converts it into a one page visualisation. It uses different coloured icons and symbols to represent how different military personnel were killed on every day in 2007. It allows for comparisons between how different personnel have been vulnerable in Iraq. For example, just by scanning the visual it becomes evident that Suicide Bombs, emotive and much-talked-of in popular press, are actually one of the less frequent causes of attacks on personnel. However, while this infographic captures a great deal of information, it does make for difficult reading on a computer screen, given that it's densely packed together. A print-out or a poster, perhaps, would be a more useful document to look at.

Category: Visualisations of Conflict in the Arab World

Year: 2008

By: Adriana Lins de Albuquerque and Alicia Cheng  

Source: New York Times