Map: Land in Dispute

The Shrinking Map of Palestine

This series of images was published in the London Times article titled “Truth in Mapping”, 5 May 2006. It uses a series of maps to show the changes in the territorial boundaries between Israel and Palestine from 1917 to 2006.

Why We Like It

This series of images demonstrates how maps can reveal far more than geography: illuminating complex political and social issues between nations and different groups of people. The visual shrinking of Palestinian land gives a clear representation of an issue which is so hotly debated and controversial in the media. It cleverly uses a very neutral title, “Land in Dispute”, so as not to alienate some readers who might be put off by ostensibly “pro-Palestine” content. It works at two levels: giving the reader a quick and effective grasp of the situation at a glance and also, with the extra information around the map and the legend, a bit more of an understanding of the history and context of the situation. 

Category: Visualisations of Conflict in the Arab World

Year: 2006

By: London Times