Microgrants: Workshop participants make their own visual campaigns

After the 3 day Jordan workshop, we invited all the participants to apply for financial support from Tactical Tech to hire creative people to produce the visual elements of their campaigns on women's rights. Eight participants applied with proposed formats for producing visual components of their campaigns. The applications were reviewed by Tactical Tech and the trainers from the workshop. Five of these were selected and awarded a grants to independently create the visual outputs for their campaigns. Our role was to provide suggestions and guidance but the final visual products and campaigns must be credited to the grantees themselves.

1. The Adventures of Abdo: Animating Gender Identity. Grant awarded to Meem collective, Lebanon.

An animation about the adventures of Abdo, a gender queer boy and his journey of self-discovery after his parents, worried about his dress and behaviour, send him for counseling.The animation aims to raise awareness about the kinds of psychological help available to the queer community.

2. Questioning honour killings and the law. Grant awarded to Randa Shobaki from the Psycho Social Counselling Centre for Women, Palestine.

Animated television spots provoking public debate and about honour killings and pressuring policy makers to enforce laws which protect women. The spots will be shown on the networks of 8 West Bank governorates under the Ma'an TV network. The spots will be displayed on the Ma'an Net Work, Ma'an website and the Mix Station on October 1, 2011 and will be associated with other on-the-ground campaign activities. It will also be recast on November 25 in association with the 16 Days Global Campaign Against Violence Against Women


3. Confronting Homophobia in Palestine. Grant awarded to Rima Abboud from Aswat in Palestine.

This campaign includes a set of illustrated postcards confronting and refuting common homophobic stereotypes of, and attitudes towards, the lesbian and gay community. Palestinian lesbian rights group, Aswat is working with a local artist to develop the visuals for this campaign and will be distributing the postcards at events and in public spaces in Palestine. This campaign is still being developed.

4. The Safe Streets: Mapping Sexual Harrassment on the Streets of Yemen. Grant awarded to Ghaidaa Al Absi from Kefaiaa.

The Safe Streets Campaign aims to encourage Yemeni women to speak out about their experiences of harrassment in the streets of Yemen and to show the scale of the problem. This project includes a video campaign, an exhibition with local artists on the issue and a digital map of citizen reports submitted by SMS. More at the Safe Streets campaign website, Facebook and Twitter.

5. Let us Break the Chains: No to Violence Against Women. Grant awarded to Seepal Amedi from Kurdistan Civil Rights Organisation in Duhok Province, Kurdistan.

This campaign aims to challenge existing social attitudes that legitimise honour killings. It aims to build popular pressure on communities to implement gender-equal laws and policies; and bring together diverse local, national, and regional efforts to combat violence against women.

The campaign was inspired by a real life experience of a woman who was threatened by her father because he had heard a false rumour about her. The slogan of the campaign is: "Do not let rumors and lies that you hear from others be the end of our sisters and daughters lives". A poster was created and distributed all over the Duhok province. The second stage will include a short public service announcement.