One Year Later: Join Us

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It has been a year since we started this blog as a space to record and share examples of visualisations from (and about) the Arab region and around the world about women's rights. The blog was primarily intended to be a sort of curricular introduction for participants at our December workshop in Jordan, and then after that we've continued to share examples within this intriguing area of work. After the workshop we opened up a competitive application process to workshop participants to apply for microgrants to support the development of visual elements of new campaigns on women's rights. We're really pleased to announce five of them, and look forward to their completion and distribution.

But what comes next?

We want to open this blog up more, invite submissions from all of you who are following and analysing visual images in campaigns, in art, design and photography from the Arab region (primarily). The Arab Spring has been particularly inspiring for many of us, and we're curious about how you're understanding the role of the visual in the political and social struggles and resistance of the past year. What do you think about the representation (and self representation) of Arab women through various media? How do visualisatiaons of social issues in your country have an impact on you? We're also hoping to get more Arabic language content and are looking for volunteers to translate the existing blog pieces into Arabic. 

If you're interested in curating a visual series, sharing your work or writing a blog post for us, drop us a line or tweet at us @visualrights and we'll be in touch!