The Organisers

This workshop is organised by Tactical Tech and funded by the OSI International Women's Program.

Tactical Tech is an international NGO that supports rights advocates to use information, communications and digital technologies to maximize the impact of their advocacy work. We provide activists with guides, tools, training and consultancy to help them develop the skills and tactics they need to increase the impact of their campaigning. We aim to give them the tools to gather, analyse and represent information meaningfully, and the means to turn that information into action.


One of Tactical Tech's key programme areas "Reveal" is focussed on the ways in which visual techniques be used to sculpt, refine and enhance the information that advocates use to campaign and push for social change. To introduce advocates to these techniques, without overwhelming them with technical jargon and complicated instructions, Tactical Tech has developed two introductory guides:

 Visualizing Information for Advocacy: an introduction to information        design.  This guide was created for NGOs and advocates wanting to strengthen  their campaigns and projects by applying visual techniques to the information  they're working with. Through examples, the booklet demonstrates how to use  innovative visual graphics to tell a complex and powerful story in a  snapshot. Download this guide (pdf)


Maps for Advocacy: an introduction to geographical mapping techniques. This guide explains how the simple plotting of information on a geographical map can communicate a strong message. The mapping process is shown in this guide through case studies of successful mapping projects, descriptions of procedures and methods, a review of data sources as well as a glossary of mapping terminology. Download this guide (pdf)


Tactical Tech has also developed and run several training events and workshops on visualisation; collaborated on info-design and mapping projects with World Vision, Anti-Slavery International and the Central Asian Network of Anti-Torture Centre.


Over the last seven years, Tactical Tech has developed a unique approach to learning and networking through 8 large-scale workshop events, reaching over 800 advocates, designers and technologists. 

In 2009, Tactical Tech hosted the Info-Activism Camp. This was a seven day experience for 135 rights advocates, designers, digital activists to explore digital advocacy tactics by connecting them with others facing similar challenges, showcasing examples of successful tactics, helping them find the right solutions to meet their needs and giving them the hard-skills to implement ideas. All this happened in a retreat style tented venue in Bangalore, India. 

Feedback from these events:

"Its been a fantastic experience. I have learned and gained so much and have had my mind, heart and soul challenged a lot."                                                                                                - Info-Activism Camp

“I think TTC's approach is quite ingenious. The ways of approaching the problems and bringing people from different countries together is great. Especially with SE Asia, the people were initially quite shy and didn't easily express themselves at the beginning, and you feel that the event will finish and they won't open up. But the event has a lot of elements that make people open up, talk and express themselves.                                         - Asia Source Camp

“It was great to work with a group of people who knew enough about technology and have a passion for advocacy.”                                                                                                                 - Workshop for sex worker health and rights advocates, Malaysia


The OSI International Women's Program promotes the advancement of women's human rights, gender equality, and empowerment as an integral part of the process of democratisation. The program uses grantmaking and programs to promote and protect the rights of women and girls around the globe, particularly in places where good governance and respect for the rule of law have been weakened or destroyed by conflict. The program aims to strengthen institutions that are responsive to and inclusive of women and to create conditions that allow women to control their own political, economic, and social development.


The AED Jordan Civil Society Program is providing logistical support for hosting this event in Jordan.

AED is a nonprofit organisation working globally to improve education, health, civil society and economic development - the foundation of thriving societies. In collaboration with local and national partners, AED fosters sustainable results through practical, comprehensive approaches to social and economic challenges. AED Jordan Civil Society Program is offering up to 10 scholarships for Jordanian women’s rights groups and activists to participate in the event. See the applications page for application criteria.

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