Here is a list of websites, books and videos we've put together as resources for anyone wanting to explore visualisation practices. We'll be adding to this list and please feel free to email us any of your own recommendations.


Data Flow: Visualising Information in Graphic Design (book)

Cool Infographics - Randy Krum's blog covering infographics, data visualisation and visual thinking.

Information is Beautiful - ideas, issues, knowledge, data - visualised on David McCandless' blog.

The Work of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press - Edward Tufte is the author of several beautiful, informative books on information design.

FlowingData - data visualisations, infographics and statistics blogged by Nathan Yau.


Social Design Notes - Writing and clippings on design and activism by John Emerson.

Visualising Information for Advocacy – guide from Tactical Tech (download here)

Milestones in the History of Thematic Catography, Statistical Graphics and Data Visualisation

Information Aesthetics - a gallery of dramatic experiments in the translation of data into images 


Maps for Advocacy: An Introduction to Geographical Mapping Techniques – a guide from Tactical Tech (download here)

Maps for Making Change: Using Geographical Mapping Techniques to Support Struggles for Social Justice in India – a project by Tactical Tech and the Centre for Internet and Society with rights advocates in India. There is useful information, examples and resources on their wiki

An Atlas of Radical Cartography – a collection of maps and essays on various social issues by Alexis Bhaghat and Lize Mogel.

New Tactics Dialogue on Geo-Mapping for Human Rights

An illustrated guide to nonprofit GIS and online mapping -  from 

Digital Urbanis: Mapping, people and cities by Tricia Wang


Message in-a-box toolkit – chapter on "Making and Distributing Video"

Encounters short film festival - a collection of the award winning short films which you can watch online

The Meatrix – an online animation campaign against factory farming of animals – by GRACE's Sustainable Table and Free Range Studios. 

Make Internet TV – step-by-step guide to making and publishing internet videos

Transmission – a network of online video distribution projects for social change

The Documentary Filmmaker’s Handbook: A Guerrilla Guide – by Genevieve Jolliffe (book)