Video: Talking about Domestic Violence

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This recent campaign video from South African women's rights organisation, People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA), confronts the long standing problem of domestic violence being ignored by those who witness it.

Why we like it

It creates a potently uncomfortable message for a South African audience watching this "social experiment" taking place in a generic, middle-class housing complex in Johannesburg. It quickly disarms the viewer and dispels the belief that domestic violence only happens in communities of a particular economic status/class/race. The DIY, home-recorded quality of the ad also works in its favour, driving home the relevance and reality of the issue.

It reminds us of Breakthrough TV's hugely successful television campaign, Bell Bajao.

Albeit far more slick (a pro bono project of Ogilivy ad agency) it too confronts the silence and lack of action against domestic violence and urges men and young boys, in particular, to take a stand against it. Featuring a range of scenarios where a man overhears a woman being beaten and rings the doorbell of the perpetrator's house, the campaign suggests, as POWA's does, that just because partner abuse occurs in a private space, does not mean it should not be treated as a public concern.

Source: Ososcio; Breakthrough TV
Year: 2011; 2008
Website: POWA; Bell Bajao