Project News: VWR Workshop Participants Make their Own Visual Campaigns

After the Visualising Women's Rights workshop in December 2010, we invited participants to apply for financial support towards some of the costs of developing and implementing a visual advocacy campaign. After a competitive selection and review process, five microgrant awards were given to develop the following campaigns"

1. Animating Queer Issues

An animation about the adventures of Abdo, a gender queer boy and his journey of self-discovery after his parents, worried about his dress and behaviour, send him for counselling.The animation aims to raise awareness about the kinds of psychological help available to the queer community.

This project is being developed by the Beirut-based collective, Meem.

2. Provoking questions about honour killings in Palestine

Animated television spots provoking public debate and about honour killings and pressuring policy makers to enforce laws to protect women. The spots will be shown on the networks of 8 West Bank governorates.

The spots are part of a campaign by the Psycho Social Counselling Centre for Women in Palestine.

3. Confronting homophobia in Palestine

A set of illustrated postcards confronting homophobia and refuting common stereotypes of and attitudes towards the lesbian and gay community. Palestinian lesbian rights group, Aswat is working with a local artist to develop the visuals for this campaign and will be distributing the postcards at events and in public spaces in Palestine.

4. Mapping sexual harrassment in Yemen

This campaign aims to encourage Yemeni women to speak out about their experiences of harrassment in the streets of Yemen and to show the scale of the problem on a national crowdmap. 

This mapping project is being developed by Yemeni based group, Kefaia.

5. Campaign against honour killings in Iraq

This campaign, entitled "Let Us Break the Chains: No to Violence Against Women", has already begun with the development of a poster which was distributed all over the Duhok province. The second stage will include a short public service announcement.

This project is being implemented by the Kurdistan Civil Rights Organisation in Iraq.